Squid Weight Black Matt
    • Squid Weight Black Matt

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    Squid Weight for deeper dives from the manufacturer of the legendary Lobster Weights 🦑 Buy now directly and hassle-free in Germany! 🇩🇪

    (Delivery from 31 May 2024)

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    What is the Squid Weight?

    Are you already a proud and happy user of a Lobster Weight and don't want to be without it in the pool? Now bring the same feeling to open water: the Squid Weight is the brother of the tried-and-tested Lobster Weight for open water training and competitions in the lake and sea.

    While the lobster weight is used in the pool (for DYN, DYN-B and DNF), the squid weight is the neck weight for open water dives. By shifting the weight forwards, the "trajectory" of the freediver is stabilised and it glides through the water as if pulled by a string. You probably know the effect from playing darts: compare the trajectory of a simple children's dart with a professional dart that has the weight in front of the tip. While the former skitters more or less through the air, the heavy dart follows a stable path through the air. The same effect occurs when you put on the squid for the first time and dive into the depths.

    What are the advantages of the Squid Weights?

    Innovative and unique adjustable neck weight system for deep dives. Squid was developed to enable deeper, faster and safer dives. Continuing the Lobster philosophy, the Squid is a unique weight system that can be used for different disciplines and different diving conditions thanks to the weight variation from 0.8 to 1.3 kg.

    The Squid Weight sits comfortably around the freediver's neck during open water dives. Unlike other neck weights (e.g. those made from lead shot-filled bicycle inner tubes), the Squid does not hit the chin or the back of the head during duck dives, descents or turns. The Squid Weight fits comfortably around the diver's neck and is held securely in place by the lower jaw.

    Is the Squid Weight suitable for me?

    The neck lead can be easily adjusted to different neck diameters: In tests with over 200 freedivers, it fitted over 95% of the divers perfectly.

    The kit includes a silicone strap to fix the neck lead through the two outermost holes if required.

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    Squid Weight

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    Squid Weight

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