Pack your gear in our freediving bags and backpacks: Your gear deserves simply the best. Space and quality meet comfort! 🎒

Diving bags and rucksacks

Diving bags and rucksacks for transporting your diving gear from home to the car and from the car to the dive site. Once your diving gear is dry, you can easily store it in your diving bag or diving rucksack. That way, nothing will be forgotten on your next diving adventure!

Waterproof material

Diving bags and rucksacks should be waterproof so as not to get you, your fellow travellers or your car wet after training. A good diving bag is completely waterproof and has a drain valve so that the accumulated water can be drained easily.

Diving backpack

A diving rucksack is also ideal for travelling to training sessions by bike or public transport. Why not pack your freediving equipment in your diving rucksack on your next hike and explore the bottom of the mountain lake?

Diving bags and rucksacks will last longer if you carry your weight belt separately: The concentrated weight of your weight belt in one place in the bag makes it uncomfortable to carry and puts a strain on the material and seams.


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