Open-Cell wet suits, socks, neoprene gloves from the specialist for freediving in Switzerland. Order now and the day after tomorrow with you under water.

Open-cell neoprene freediving wetsuits, socks and gloves

What are open-cell wetsuits, socks and gloves made of? Neoprene is a synthetic rubber (neoprene on Wikipedia) and provides perfect insulation for your body with its countless trapped gas bubbles. Just 5mm of neoprene material between your skin and the water allows you to dive comfortably even in the depths of winter in the lake or between ice floes.

What is open-cell neoprene?

Freediving suits are usually open-cell on the inside. This means that the neoprene has been cut open lengthways (split) and the surface consists of thousands of small, cut gas bubbles. These act like suction cups on your skin and ensure that cold water does not constantly get between the suit and your skin. However, to be able to put on an open-cell suit, you need to create a film of soap between your skin and the suit. In the PADI Freediver Course or in the PADI Basic Freediver Course I will teach you how to put on and take off your suit with the help of soapy water.

Which size for freediving suits

A neoprene diving suit should be as flexible as possible and must not restrict your upper body, otherwise it will hinder your breathing and arm movement. Because we are all built differently, you can also buy jackets and trousers in different sizes from me. I can estimate the right size for you based on your height and weight. However, it is better if you come to me by appointment and try on the wetsuit. Bring your swimwear with you and you can try on the open-cell suit with soapy water in my bathroom.

New or second-hand suits?

You can buy open-cell wetsuits, socks and gloves from me as new, but you can also buy used open-cell wetsuits from my diving school. The wetsuits have only been worn on 2-3 weekends, so they are practically new and I wash them with special neoprene detergent. You get a practically new suit for little money and I always have new material in my diving school.

Barefoot or open-cell freediving socks

Never wear your fins barefoot, always wear socks: this way you avoid sore spots even during longer training sessions.

Freediving gloves

Wear gloves to protect your hands from the cold and sore spots when pulling up the rope. Make sure that you have a good grip on your nose despite wearing gloves so that you can close your nostrils tightly when equalising the pressure.


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