PADI Constant No-Fins (CNF) Freediver specialty course
    • PADI Constant No-Fins (CNF) Freediver specialty course

    PADI Constant No-Fins (CNF) Freediver specialty course

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    Dive into the deep with just one breath, noseclip and Fluid Goggles: The elegant movements of your arms and legs take you down and back!

    Dates: 24.8.2024
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    Dive into the fascinating world of Constant No-Fins Freediving with the "PADI Constant No-Fins (CNF) Freediver Specialty Course". This speciality course is aimed at passionate freedivers like you who want to take their skills to the next level and master the art of diving without fins.

    At the heart of the course is refining your technique and deepening your understanding of the discipline of no-fin diving. Without the support of fins, you will learn how to optimise your movements in the water and increase your efficiency to dive deeper and longer with less effort.

    The course begins with a comprehensive introduction to the theory behind no-fin diving. You will be introduced to the physiology of freediving and understand how your body functions underwater without the aid of fins. Safety aspects are emphasised to ensure you recognise and respect your limits as you explore new depths.

    Practical exercises in the water are an essential part of the course. You will learn special techniques that are essential for no-fin diving. These include breathing techniques, optimising your posture and developing an efficient arm pull and leg stroke technique that enables you to glide elegantly and powerfully through the water.

    During the course you will not only improve your physical skills, but also develop a deeper connection to the water. No-fin diving challenges you to find your inner peace and be in harmony with the water. This experience not only improves your technical skills, but also your mental and emotional well-being.

    Upon completion of the course, you will not only receive the PADI Constant No-Fins (CNF) Freediver Specialty certification, but also a deeper understanding and appreciation of the pure essence of freediving. This course is your stepping stone to advanced freediving adventures where you can safely and confidently push your limits.

    If you're an experienced freediver who wants to specialise your skills and is ready to take on a new challenge, the PADI Constant No-Fins (CNF) Freediver Specialty course is the perfect step in your freediving adventure.

    Prerequisites: PADI Freediver Course or equivalent course from other diving organisations
    PADI Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) Speciality Course, equivalent course of other diving organisations or proven experience in Dynamic No-Fins Diving
    Minimum age: 12 years
    Equipment: wetsuit, weight belt and weights, fluid goggles and noseclip, mask and snorkel, lanyard (or CNF lanyard)

    Sign up now and experience the freedom and tranquillity of the underwater world like never before by mastering the art of no-fin freediving. Your adventure into the depths begins here!

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