PADI Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) Freediver specialty course
    • PADI Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) Freediver specialty course

    PADI Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) Freediver specialty course

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    Learn the most original way of underwater locomotion in the PADI Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) Freediver specialty course. Freediving in his purest form!

    Dates: 30.11.2024
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    Are you passionate about freediving and constantly looking for ways to improve your skills in the water? If you regularly train in the pool and are ready to take your freediving skills to the next level, then the PADI Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) Freediver specialty couse is made for you.

    DNF, the distance diving without fins, is one of the most fascinating freediving disciplines. It requires perfect harmony between body and mind as you move elegantly and efficiently through the water without the support of fins. This discipline is often considered the purest form of freediving as it forces you to rely on your inner strength and technique to propel you forward.

    In the PADI Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) Freediver specialty course you will learn how to optimise your posture and trim to glide smoothly through the water. You will discover the subtleties of DNF technique, from the correct leg kick to the perfect arm stroke and synchronising these movements into a perfect unit.

    The course offers you the opportunity to learn and train in a group of like-minded people who all have the same goal: to improve their freediving skills. It's a great opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, motivate yourself and make new friends based on a shared passion for freediving.

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the PADI Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) Freediver specialty certificate, an official proof of your acquired skills and knowledge. This certificate is not only proof of your commitment and skills, but also a stepping stone to further adventures and challenges in freediving, such as the Constant Weight No-Fins (CNF)!

    DNF is also a great way to add variety to your training and break up the routine. It perfectly complements training with fins and helps to strengthen other muscle groups, especially in the upper body and arms, which are less used in conventional fin training.

    Prerequisites: PADI Basic Freediver Course or equivalent course from other diving organisations
    Minimum age: 12 years
    Equipment: wetsuit for static pool (e.g. 5mm jacket), weight system (weight belt and/or neck lead), mask and snorkel or goggles/noseclip.

    Are you ready to take on the challenge and master the art of DNF freediving? Sign up now for the PADI Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) Freediver specialty course and dive into a new level of freediving. Discover what you are capable of achieving when you push the boundaries of what is possible.

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