PADI Monofin Freediver specialty course
    • PADI Monofin Freediver specialty course

    PADI Monofin Freediver specialty course

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    The PADI Monofin Freediver specialty course takes you deeper down in a relaxed way: Learn and enjoy diving with the Monofin in the open water!!

    Dates: 7.9.2024
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    Dive into the fantastic world of Monofin Freediving with the exclusive PADI Monofin Freediver Specialty course. This course is designed for freedivers like you who want to explore the streamlined movement and efficiency that a monofin offers. Expand your skills as an experienced freediver to take your passion for the underwater world to the next level.

    The PADI Monofin Freediver Specialty course focuses on mastering the monofin, a single, large fin that transforms your propulsion underwater. You learn to use the power of your entire body to channel your energy through the water, resulting in an efficient and elegant way of diving.

    The course begins with a short theoretical introduction, in which the special features of monofin diving in open water are explained. You will be introduced to the correct technique and learn how to synchronise your body and the monofin to achieve maximum efficiency and speed.

    In practical water sessions under the guidance of our experienced PADI instructor, you will practise how to use the Monofin for powerful yet relaxed dives. You will develop a deep understanding of the balance and rhythm required to dive with the Monofin and improve your ability to dive longer and deeper while minimising your air consumption.

    This course is not only an opportunity to improve your technical skills, but also offers a unique experience of connection with the water. You will learn to move harmoniously through the water with every stroke, making freediving with a monofin a truly meditative experience.

    Upon completion of the course, you will receive the PADI Monofin Freediver Specialty certification, which confirms your advanced skills in monofin diving. This course is your stepping stone to more advanced freediving adventures where you can safely and confidently push your limits.

    Prerequisites: PADI Freediver course or equivalent course from other diving organisations
    PADI Basic Monofin Speciality Course, equivalent course of other diving organisations or proven experience in diving with the monofin in the pool
    Minimum age: 12 years
    Equipment: wetsuit, weight belt and weights, fluid goggles and noseclip (optional), mask and snorkel, lanyard

    Register now for the PADI Monofin Freediver Specialty course and discover the freedom and elegance of monofin diving. Your adventure into the depths of the ocean starts here

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