Anti-fog Spray
    • Anti-fog Spray

    Anti-fog Spray

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    The Anti-fog Spray ensures clear visibility underwater. Simply spray on and immediately and permanently clear visibility. Perfect for any freediver.

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    The highly effective Anti-fog Spray has been developed to provide freedivers with a clear and unclouded view. Goggles fogging up underwater is annoying and potentially dangerous when keeping other freedivers safe. The anti-fog spray leaves an invisible protective layer on the inside of the mask lenses that prevents fogging.

    The formulation of the Anti-fog Spray is safe for all types of diving goggle lenses, including those made of glass and plastic. It contains no harmful or irritating substances, is biodegradable and safe for the environment. A simple spray on the inner surface of the goggles is enough to guarantee a clear view for hours.

    This product does not need to be rubbed in. It is ideal for anyone who values clear vision and safe diving. Whether for training or competitions, the anti-fog spray is the perfect companion for every freediver who wants to stay in control in all conditions.

    In addition to being highly effective and safe, the anti-fog spray is compact and easy to transport. It fits into any mask box and is therefore an indispensable accessory for your next freediving session.


    • Inside the bottle, there is a sponge soaked with the active ingredient. Before use, please add 15 ml (about 70% of the bottle's volume) of water into the bottle. Then shake the bottle well.
    • Spray on the inner side of the mask, distribute evenly over the glass, and wait for the liquid to air dry.
    • Suitable for swimming goggles, diving masks, camera lenses, etc.
    • Do not expose to direct sunlight or high temperatures and keep out of reach of infants and children.

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