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    Learn and perfect your Frenzel equalization: Just 5 minutes of training every day with the Frenzel Trainer and you will become an equalization champion!

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    The Frenzel Trainer is your tool to perfect the technique of Frenzel pressure balancing. Designed specifically for freedivers like you, it allows you to specifically train the control of those muscles that are critical to performing the Frenzel maneuver efficiently.

    The Valsalva manoeuvre, in which you push air upwards with pressure from the abdominal wall to equalise the pressure, has its limits at a depth of about 20 metres. The Frenzel manoeuvre is the key to diving safely and relaxed even at greater depths. The use of the Frenzel Trainer is extremely easy and suitable for divers of all levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner or have advanced experience in freediving, this training device will help you to master the pressure compensation of the middle ear quickly and effectively. Just five minutes of daily training is enough to push effortlessly into new depths.

    With the Frenzel Trainer and a balloon, you can customise the intensity of your training to get the most out of each session. To support your training, you can find numerous instructional videos on YouTube that explain the different techniques and exercises with the Frenzel Trainer in detail. These videos are an excellent resource for you to learn the correct application of the trainer and benefit from the experiences of other divers.

    Invest in the Frenzel Trainer and take your freediving to the next level. With regular training and the support of the extensive resources on YouTube, pressure balancing problems will soon be a thing of the past. Look forward to diving deeper and more relaxed!

    Adam Freediver: How to Frenzel Equalize: an equalisation tutorial from a Professional Freediver

    Kaizen Freediving: Dive Like a Pro: Master Equalization with the Freediving Expert Tips for Beginners!

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