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    Pressure equalisation coaching with my proven training method: understand the mechanics, learn the techniques and practise step by step.

    The price is for a coaching session of one hour.

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    Do you have problems with pressure equalisation?

    Are you a freediver and have difficulties with pressure equalisation? Then this offer of pressure equalisation coaching is perfect for you! There are Freedivers who can equalise their ears from the very beginning without any problems and never have pressure equalisation problems - if this applies to you, then scroll on! But if you, like me and most Freedivers, often struggle with pressure equalisation problems, I can help you.

    My coaching method

    In my pressure equalisation coaching sessions, we develop your ability to equalise pressure together. The coaching is based on a method I have developed, which is based on the following principles:

    • Analysis of your current pressure balance: We start by analysing your current status so that we can work specifically on your weaknesses.
    • Understanding the mechanics of pressure equalisation: I will explain the physical and physiological aspects of pressure equalisation so that you understand what is going on in your body. Only a detailed understanding of the processes involved in pressure equalisation will enable you to recognise what you are good at and where your weaknesses lie.
    • Practical exercises: Through targeted exercises that we consolidate and apply step by step, you will improve your technique and learn how to continue practising on your own. The skills are applied in 3 stages: Firstly within the safe 4 walls of your home via video calls. Then in the safe water of the indoor pool and finally in the open water. In each of these stages, we increase the level of difficulty through exercises with full lungs and empty lungs.

    Level 1: Video coaching

    Equalization Coaching takes place via video call and includes discussions and practical exercises. You will receive instructions for self-monitoring so that you can continue practising the skills independently. In the phases between sessions, you will deepen the physiological skills required for pressure equalisation by practising for 5-10 minutes every day. The aim is to network synapses and strengthen nerve signals, a process that takes time.

    Stage 2: Pool coaching

    Once you have mastered the exercises effortlessly at home, it's time to practise them in the water. We'll meet in the indoor pool to start with exercises in the diving bay, feet first. Once you have mastered the techniques, we will increase the challenge by performing the exercises at the edge of the pool in the overhead position. You'll experience how you can pull air out of your lungs against the water pressure during a reverse pack or mouthfill.

    Do you still playfully control your glottis and does your soft palate remain in a neutral position?

    Level 3: Open water coaching

    Once you have mastered pressure equalisation in all positions in the pool with both full and empty lungs, you are ready for our coaching session in the open water. On the rope, we deepen the various techniques through exercises at different depths. Here too, we start with simple exercises such as feet-first equalisation and then move on to more complex exercises such as constant weight equalisation and FRC (Functional Residual Capacity).

    Coaching can be provided in German or English. The price is for a coaching session of one hour.

    Let's master your pressure equalisation challenges together. Sign up now and take the first step towards mastering your pressure equalisation.

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