PADI Basic Monofin Freediver specialty course
    • PADI Basic Monofin Freediver specialty course

    PADI Basic Monofin Freediver specialty course

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    Take your skills to the next level with the PADI Basic Monofin Freediver specialty course. Become a marine mammal and dive longer than ever!

    Dates: 02.11.2024
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    Improve your freediving skills and discover the elegant and energy-saving movement with the monofin in the pool. The one-day PADI Basic Monofin Freediver specialty course teaches you essential monofin freediving techniques in the pool, an enriching expansion of your freediving knowledge. Freediving with the monofin opens a new chapter: you learn a new movement sequence that allows you to glide far and almost endlessly with gentle kicks after just a short time.

    The course starts with an overview of the theory of monofin freediving. Learn how this special fin improves your swimming efficiency and allows you to dive longer with less effort. I will explain the relevant muscle groups and how you can optimise your buoyancy and trim for dynamic dives.

    In the practical part, we focus on pool exercises. After specific warm-up and stretching exercises tailored to monofin freediving, two training sessions follow in the water. You will learn how to use the monofin correctly, from basic techniques to advanced skills such as efficient gliding and turning.

    Safety is a priority, which is why you will also practise safety-related movements in the water with the Monofin so as not to endanger other divers or swimmers. In addition, rescue techniques are taught in the event of a loss of motor control (LMC) or blackout (BO), adapted to monofin freediving.

    At the end of the course, you will not only have a new skill, but also the confidence and know-how to safely enhance your freediving experiences with the Monofin. You will receive a PADI certification that confirms your Monofin freediving competence in the pool.

    This PADI Basic Monofin Freediver specialty course is ideal for anyone who wants to refine their freediving techniques and discover the exciting world of monofin freediving. Let's push the boundaries together. I look forward to introducing you to the art of monofin freediving and sharing your passion for underwater adventure with you.

    Regular training with the Monofin, alternating with stereo fins, trains various muscle groups and provides varied training stimuli, prevents monotony and increases your performance: simply more fun in the pool with the Monofin!

    The use of a silicone monofin is included. After the course, you have the opportunity to purchase it at a preferential price. When purchasing a monofin made of GRP or carbon fibre reinforced plastic, I offer support and exclusive conditions with CETMA, the leading manufacturer from Italy.

    Prerequisites: PADI Basic Freediver course or equivalent course of other diving associations
    Minimum age: 12 years
    Equipment: Wetsuit for pool, weight system (lead belt and/or neck lead), mask and snorkel or goggles/nose clip.

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