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Lobster Nose Clip
  • Lobster Nose Clip
  • Lobster Nose Clip
  • Lobster Nose Clip
  • Lobster Nose Clip
  • Lobster Nose Clip

Lobster Nose Clip

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Put the lobster on your nose: Lobster nose clip. Show off as a Lobster Weight enthusiast. Guaranteed comfort, perfect fit, and reliable hold!

Order now: Delivery in August 2024

Color: Bronze
Size: S - Small
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Be one of the first to wear the brand new Lobster Weight nose clip on your nose! Order now, delivery will take place in August 2024.

Discover the new Lobster nose clip – the only nose clip designed to take into account the anatomical features and differences in the shape of the nose. It offers a comfortable fit that allows for secure pressure compensation.


3 unique anatomical shapes for a really perfect fit.

  • Cover the nostrils without pressing on the bridge of the nose.
  • Robust materials of outstanding quality.
  • Elegant design for ideal hydrodynamics.
  • Secure hold: Firm enough to hold securely.

The Lobster Nasal Clamp is the first in the world to take into account the anatomical and anthropometric characteristics of the noses of scuba divers from all continents. We all love scuba diving equally, but at the same time, we are all so diverse that a single nasal clamp model is not suitable for everyone.

These three sizes are versatile enough to accommodate both European and Asian anatomies and gender characteristics. Each individual nose will find its perfect brace.

Design and Materials: The unique shape has been designed by a team of jewellery designers in various sizes, cushion shapes and adjustable angles to fit perfectly on any snorkel nose shape. Handcrafted from silver and bronze alloys, this small but essential accessory ensures a secure and comfortable fit so you can focus on your deep and long dives.

Not only does it provide durability, but it also adds a stylish touch that completes your look and catches everyone's eye when you take it off confidently after a successful dive.

Details & Materials:

  • Metal parts: Silver plated or bronze alloy.
  • Padding: felt (100% wool) (additional padding set included).
  • Lightweight nylon weave: For a secure hold.

Immerse yourself in an undisturbed snorkeling experience with the Lobster nose clip – designed for maximum functionality and style!

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