PADI Basic Freediver course
    • PADI Basic Freediver course
    • PADI Basic Freediver course
    • PADI Basic Freediver course
    • PADI Basic Freediver course
    • PADI Basic Freediver course

    PADI Basic Freediver course

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    Discover the fascination of freediving with the PADI Basic Freediver course 🤿 Book your course now and start eLearning from the comfort of your own home.

    PADI Basic Freediver Course on the PADI website

    Dates: 27.07.2024
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    The PADI Basic Freediving course is your gentle introduction to freediving/apnea diving

    In the PADI Basic Freediver course you will:

    • Take the deepest breath of your life
    • Breathe out to the maximum and feel how it feels when your lungs are empty
    • Learn how to relax deeply in just a few minutes with a simple breathing technique
    • Feel how your heart beats and consciously slow down your pulse
    • Hold your breath longer than you could ever imagine
    • Floating on the surface of the water, feel your resting heart rate halve like a marine mammal.
    • Learn how you can easily dive an indoor pool length and more thanks to freediving fins and perfect buoyancy control
    • If you wish, you can later upgrade the course to a freediver course and dive vertically on a line 10 metres into the depths of Untersee.

    Course objective of the PADI Basic Freediver Course

    • Acquire the theoretical knowledge (via eLearning and classroom instruction) and develop the basic skills for static (static air hold floating on the surface) and dynamic (distance diving with stereo fins) in the pool.
    • Safeguard other freedivers in the pool and react appropriately in emergencies.
    • The theoretical knowledge and skills in the pool are identical to those of the PADI Freediving course.

    Prerequisites for the PADI Basic Freediver course:

    • Minimum age 12 years
    • You must be able to swim adequately (200 metres at a stretch) and be in good health.
    • Previous experience in snorkelling, scuba diving or freediving is not required.


    • Swimwear (women: bikini or swimming costume; men: swimming trunks, preferably Speedos), incl. beach towel
    • Open-Cell Freediving wetsuit (use included in the course price)
    • small-volume mask (use included in the course price)
    • Flexible snorkel (use included in the course price)
    • Flexible weight belt (use included in the course price)
    • Covered lead weights (use included in the course price)
    • Neoprene socks (included in the course price and can be kept)
    • Freediving fins (use included in the course price)

    Please note that the course price includes the hire of a complete set of freediving equipment. Catering, drinks and entry to the indoor pool are also included in the price. My philosophy is that you can only experience the freediving feeling with proper freediving equipment. No surprises and no additional costs! If you wish, you can purchase all your equipment after the course at a fair price and start training straight away.

    Course location:


    • Arrival between 08:30 and 09:00; course starts at 09:00 in Felben-Wellhausen
    • End of course approx. 18:00 in Rheinau


    • Under Courses -> PADI Forms you will find the forms to fill out before the course starts: PADI Formulare

    Further information:

    • To activate you for the eLearning, I need your surname, first name, date of birth and your e-mail address
    • To provide the material for you, send me your height, weight and shoe number

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