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    • PADI Freediver Course

    PADI Freediver Course

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    Discover weightlessness under water on the PADI Freediver course. Discover new limits and experience the silence underwater. Book now and dive in! 🦈

    Description of the PADI Freediver course on the PADI website

    Dates: 27.07.204 - 28.07.2024
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    What can I expect on the PADI Freediver course?

    In the PADI Freediver course you will:

    • Breathe deeper than you did before
    • Learn how to relax with a simple breathing technique in less than 2 minutes
    • Floating on the surface of the water, feel your heartbeat slow down like that of a marine mammal
    • Be surprised how you can easily dive a length of indoor pool or more thanks to freediving fins and perfect buoyancy control
    • Dive vertically upside down on a line
    • Equalise your pressure and feel how you can glide weightlessly into the depths

    Target of the course

    • Acquire the theoretical knowledge (via eLearning and classroom instruction) and develop the basic skills for Static (static air holding while floating on the surface), Dynamic (distance diving with stereo fins), Free Immersion (pulling yourself into the depths on a rope) and Constant Weight (descending with stereo fins) in the pool and open water up to a maximum depth of 16m.
    • Secure other freedivers in the pool and open water and react appropriately in emergencies.

    Prerequisites for the PADI Freediver course

    • Minimum age 12 years
    • You must be able to swim adequately and be in good health.
    • Previous experience in snorkelling, scuba diving or freediving is not required.


    • Swimwear (women: Bikini or swimming costume; men: swimming trunks (preferably Speedos), incl. beach towel
    • Open-Cell Freediving wetsuit (use included in the course price)
    • small-volume mask (use included in the course price)
    • Snorkel (use included in the course price)
    • Flexible weight belt (use included in the course price)
    • Covered lead weights (use included in the course price)
    • Neoprene socks (included in the course price and can be kept)
    • Freediving fins  (use included in the course price)
    • Dive computer  (use included in the course price)
    • Lanyard (use included in the course price)

    Please note that the course price includes the hire of a complete set of freediving equipment. Catering, drinks and entry to the indoor pool are also included in the price. Our philosophy is that you can only experience the freediving feeling with freediving equipment. No surprises and no additional costs! If you wish, you can purchase all your equipment after the course at a fair price and start training straight away.

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    PADI 10346 Taucher Medizincheck

    Taucher Medizincheck | Kandidaten-Fragebogen

    Download (611.97KB)

    PADI 10305 Freediver Erklärung

    PADI 10305 Freediver Erklärung zu sicheren Tauchverfahren

    Download (171.35KB)

    PADI 10353 Freediver Record

    PADI Freediver Program Record and Referral Form

    Download (149.04KB)

    PADI 10421 Erklärung zu Risken

    PADI 10421 Erklärung zu Risiken und Haftung (EU Version) für angehende Taucher

    Download (157.08KB)

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