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    Lobster Belt Weight

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    Get the perfect companion for perfect buoyancy control underwater: Lobster Belt Weight. Order now directly in Switzerland at no extra cost.

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    What is the Lobster Belt Weight?

    Lobster Belt Weight, the world's first flexible weight system for long dives. Specially made for open water freediving (CWT, FIM and CNF) and in the pool (DYN, DYN-B, DNF). Train like a champion and optimise your water resistance on the weight belt with the Lobster Belt Weight.

    In order to buoyancy test correctly for freediving, you need to test your buoyancy regularly. Always check your buoyancy at the start of a training or freediving session if you have changed your equipment or have not dived for a while.

    Don't expect that once your weight setting has worked, it will be good forever. The composition of your body can change, so take your time to find the right setting. It is better to use several small weights than a few large ones. Small weights put less strain on your body, especially your lower back, and you can distribute them better on the belt as you fine tune.

    The hydrodynamic properties of the Lobster Belt Weights, due to their shape and material, reduce the disturbance of the water current so that you can concentrate fully on your performance under water.

    What is included in the set?

    The set includes two Lobster Weight Belt Base of 400g, two segments of 500g and two segments of 100g and the belt.

    What are the advantages of Lobster Belt Weights in the pool?

    Especially now that the indoor pools have lowered their temperatures, many freedivers are also diving with a wetsuit in the indoor pool. In order to get the optimum body trim, I have found it useful to combine a weight belt with a Lobster Weight neck lead : It makes me lie in the water like a plank. The result is that I can convert all the propulsion from my fins into distance.

    What are the advantages in open water?

    With the Lobster Belt Weight, you are travelling with less resistance than with classic lead weights. You can easily reduce or add some weight. With the Lobster Belt Weight, you get the best out of your performance and it looks first class!

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