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Lobster Weight neck ballast
  • Lobster Weight neck ballast

Lobster Weight neck ballast

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Lobster Weight neck ballast, the key to extra meters in the pool. Order now and receive your 🦞 directly from Switzerland 🇨🇭 or Germany 🇩🇪.

Size: Small : 1.5 - 2.5Kg
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What is Lobster Weight neck ballast?

The Lobster Neck Weight is a modular weight system, ideal for distance diving in all dynamic disciplines in the pool. It is worn around the neck and its segments (the 'lobster tail') adapt to the shape of the spine. The shape of the Lobster Weight enables an optimised, streamlined body posture in the water, which automatically leads to longer diving distances. The weight can be individually adapted to the diver's buoyancy by means of adjustable back elements and can be changed within seconds.

Why can you continue diving with Lobster Weight?

Have you ever played darts? If you have thrown those plastic darts from children's darts sets and then throw a real professional dart for the first time, you will notice a decisive difference: the professional dart is heavy at the front, its centre of gravity is shifted forwards, which stabilises the trajectory and the dart flies into the target as if pulled by an invisible string.

You will feel the same effect when you take off your weight belt for the first time and put a Lobster Weight neck ballast on your neck: As if pulled by a string, you pull your lanes under water, your body becomes streamlined and because your muscles no longer have to constantly correct your swimming position, you have more energy and therefore oxygen for propulsion.

Without any effort, you will be able to increase your distance travelled by 20% or more with the Lobster neck weight compared to a weight belt. The effect is evident with DYN-B (Dynamic Bifins), pronounced with DYN (Dynamic Monofin) and even stronger with DNF (Dynamic No Fins). You will be amazed at how big the difference is and you will never want to do without your lobster weight again!

Is a Lobster Weight neck ballast comfortable to wear?

At the beginning, the weight of the lobster weight while standing upright at the edge of the pool may still feel a little unfamiliar on your shoulders. After a few training sessions, you will get used to the new feeling. When stretch diving in a horizontal position, the weight is evenly distributed on your neck and back and you will hardly feel it.

Lobster Weight RöntgenaufnahmeLobster Weight Schnittzeichnung

Which size should I order?

The Lobster Weight neck weight consists of a lead base with rubber coating, which is available in 3 different weights and sizes. The models differ in length, while the width remains the same and can be individually adjusted. Each model comes with a certain number of segments in the basic version so that the weight can be customised. If required, additional segments can be ordered for the Lobster Weight.

Lobster Weight Size Small

The size S-Small is best suited for teenagers, petite women, slim men and divers who like to dive Dynamic without a suit.

Lobster Weight Red SLobster Weight Abmessungen Grösse S

  • 1 base 1.5kg
  • 1 segment 400g
  • 1 segment 300g
  • 1 segment 200g
  • 1 segment 100g
  • 6 rubber elements to secure the weights
  • Total weight of basic equipment: 2.5 kg

Lobster Weight size Medium

The medium size fits 80% of adult freedivers.

Lobster Weight MLobster Weight Abmessungen Grösse M

  • 1 Base 2.5Kg
  • 1 segment 500g
  • 1 segment 400g
  • 1 segment 300g
  • 1 segment 200g
  • 1 segment 100g
  • 7 rubber elements to secure the weights
  • Total weight of basic equipment: 4kg

Lobster Weight Size Large

The size L is for large, muscular freedivers and competitive athletes who do lung-packing and dive with a wetsuit.

Lobster Weight LargeLobster Weight Abmessungen Grösse L

  • 1 Base 4Kg
  • 2 segments 500g
  • 1 segment 400g
  • 1 segment 300g
  • 1 segment 200g
  • 1 segment 100g
  • 8 rubber elements to secure the weights
  • Total weight of basic equipment: 6kg

Transport of the Lobster Weight

Order a plastic suitcase for your Lobster Weight. With it you can safely transport your Lobster Weight to the swimming pool and back home after training: Plastic suitcase for Lobster Weight

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