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Lobster Weight Segment extra weight
  • Lobster Weight Segment extra weight

Lobster Weight Segment extra weight

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Optimize your buoyancy and maximize your performance with the Lobster Weight Segment Additional Weight. Are you ready for your new personal best? 🦞

Weight: 500g
Color: Red
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What is the Lobster Weight Segment extra weight?

The Lobster Weight neck weights are available in different total weights: 2.5 kg (Small), 4 kg (Medium), and 6 kg (Large). If the total weight of your Lobster Weight is not sufficient, you can increase it with the Lobster Weight Segment Additional Weight. These additional weights can be easily attached to your existing Lobster Weight, offering you the flexibility to adjust the total weight to your needs.

How can I optimize my trim?

If your Lobster Weight, even with multiple segments, is still too light, for example, because you are wearing a thick suit, you might consider adding a Lobster Belt Weight. The Lobster Belt Weight, worn around the waist, can significantly improve your trim, especially with very heavy Lobster Weights. The additional weight distribution helps achieve optimal buoyancy, stabilizing your position in the water and increasing comfort.

Personal Recommendation

Personally, I find it more comfortable to wear a 3mm neoprene jacket and use a Lobster Belt Weight in the pool. With the weight belt, I compensate for the buoyancy of the jacket, so the required weight of the Lobster Weight on my neck remains constant. This way, I can dive with or without a jacket without having to adjust my neck weight every time. This combination allows me to maintain a consistently good trim and a comfortable water position on every dive.

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