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Freediving soft snorkel
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Freediving soft snorkel

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Dive into summer with the freediving soft snorkel – fresh colors for your diving adventures. Show your style above and below the water.

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Freediving soft snorkel: A Lot of Snorkel for Little Money

The freediving snorkel in bright colors is the ideal choice for those who value simple, functional, and efficient equipment. This snorkel is specially designed for freediving: it is soft without being flimsy and thus avoids pressure on the head and related equalization problems. The snorkel is available in many vibrant colors: it doesn’t always have to be black!

The flexible tube adapts to the contours of the head and allows for a natural head position, which is particularly important during longer dives. The mouthpiece is rotatable, so the snorkel can be worn on either the right or left side. The Freediving soft snorkel fits perfectly!

In summary, this freediving snorkel in bright colors is an excellent option for divers who value quality, comfort, and ease of use. Available in various colors, this snorkel meets your functional requirements as well as your personal style.

Is there a "right side" to wear the snorkel?

I always wear my snorkel on the left, but that’s just a habit from my days as a SCUBA diver: since the regulator comes from the right, a SCUBA diver wears their snorkel on the left. My tip: wear the snorkel on the side of your "stronger" ear, meaning the one that equalizes more easily.

How to Attach the Snorkel?

The clip that comes with most snorkels can be discarded: it’s meant for snorkelers. As a freediver, you tuck your snorkel behind the mask strap. When you’re looking straight down, which is the relaxed head position at the surface, the end of your snorkel protrudes well out of the water.

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