Tarpaulin for Changing
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    Tarp for Changing

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    With the tarp for changing clothes you never have to put yourself and your equipment in the dirt again: Industrial quality for trucks 🚚

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    Industrial quality lorry tarpaulin to protect you and your equipment when getting dressed and undressed.

    This rugged Tarp for Changing offers optimum protection when putting on and taking off your freediving gear. It is specially designed to protect you and your gear from rough, wet and dirty surfaces. The Tarp for Changing is waterproof, dirt resistant and easy to clean, making it the perfect companion for any dive. The mat is also durable enough to withstand even sharp-edged rocks and rough surfaces. Compact and lightweight, it can be taken anywhere and is ready to use in seconds. Its high durability guarantees a long life, even when used frequently in demanding outdoor environments. Easy to roll up or fold, it is easy to transport, quick to use and offers enough space for you and your equipment. Care is straightforward: after use, the tarpaulin is easy to wipe and dries quickly for the next use.

    The best thing to do when diving is to get changed right behind your boot: that way you have everything within easy reach and don't have to carry your equipment around. But who wants to stand directly on the ground or even lay their wet equipment on the sand? Lay the sheet on the ground to get changed and prepare your equipment on it to put on. Everything stays clean and no dirt sticks to your diving gear.

    After diving, you put everything on the Tarp for Changing and you can also shower and rinse yourself and your clothes with warm water from a plastic canister that you have brought with you. Let the clothes drip dry a little and then pack them straight from the sheet into the car to change.

    Finally, rinse the Tarpaulin for Changing with water or give it a quick dip in the lake: the sheet can be folded or rolled and stored in the car to save space. The material does not rot or stink.

    Freediving in our local waters couldn't be easier!

    The Tarpaulin for Changing are made from offcuts from a lorry supplier and the material is the same quality as you see on the roads every day. The tarpaulins come in different sizes from 100x85cm to 120x120cm.

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